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Ligurian Council

Ligurian grammar

The Council’s volunteers are putting online a revised edition of the only scientific grammar ever written for Genoese: F. Toso’s Grammatica del genovese, published by Le mani in 1997 with the support of the Province of Genoa and of the association “A Compagna”.

For the time being, only the Italian version of a part of this work is available.
  1. Phonology
  2. Orthography
  3. The noun
  4. The article
  5. The adjective
  6. Numerals
  7. Pronouns and pronominal adjectives
  8. The preposition
  9. Conjunctions and discourse markers
  10. The interjection
  11. The verb
  12. The adverb
  13. Syntax of simple sentences
  14. Syntax of compound sentences
  15. Word formation
Don’t know how to read phonetic transcriptions? See our page on the international phonetic alphabet!