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Ligurian language content

The best strategy to learn Ligurian is to jump in and start reading and listening to content in the language. In this section we have collected a number of recommended materials for those who want to learn: books, songs, short stories and various other pieces of information.


For those approaching the study of Genoese for the first time, we recommend the following other texts dealing with grammar.


Below is a list of recommended writings in Genoese prose, which can be found both in bookshops and on the Internet.

  • A-a reversa, a collection of Genoese prose writings by Gianfranco Mangini. F.lli Frilli editore, 2009.
  • Abbrettio, Genoese prose and verses by Gianfranco Mangini. F.lli Frilli editore, 2013.
  • A bocca do lô, a nineteenth century Italian novel by Gaspare Invrea, translated into Genoese by Fiorenzo Toso. De Ferrari, 2018.
  • A-i rastelli de stelle e tutti i atri racconti, a novel by Alessandro Guasoni. De Ferrari, 2019.
  • Lazarillo de Tormes, a sixteenth century Spanish novel, translated to Genoese by Stefano Lusito. Quærno n. 5 of the magazin Cabirda, 2020.
  • E ciù belle föe, twelve tales by the Grimm brothers told in the language of Liguria, edited by Andrea Acquarone and Anselmo Roveda, translated by Andrea Acquarone, Fabio Canessa, Stefano Lusito, Bruna Pedemonte, Anselmo Roveda, Fiorenzo Toso. De Ferrari, 2019.

Newspapers and magazines

  • The largest newspaper in the region, Il Secolo XIX, publishes a Genoese-language page every Sunday.
  • O Stafî is a Genoese-language magazine which comes out every month. It discusses culture, politics, the economy and societal issues.

History of literature

  • Ra Cittara Zeneize. Poesie scelte. Critical edition of the work by Gian Giacomo Cavalli (1590-1657), commented and translated into Italian by Fiorenzo Toso. Edizioni dell’Orso, 2021.
  • Poesia in ligure tra Novecento e Duemila, by Alessandro Guasoni. Edizioni Cofine, 2019.
  • La letteratura ligure in genovese e nei dialetti locali. Profilo storico e antologia. Vol I-VII. By Fiorenzo Toso. Le Mani, 2009.