Council for Ligurian Linguistic Heritage

Ligurian Council

Professional services

In recent years, the Ligurian language has been enjoying ever-growing popularity, as reflected in the increasing number of study and dissemination projects and the renewed use of the local language for artistic purposes.

In order to support these efforts and to encourage the spread of a proper language, the Council is offering the following services:

  • translations from English, French, Spanish, German and Italian into Ligurian language (Genoese);
  • editing and proofreading of texts (in terms of vocabulary, syntax and spelling) intended for publication in Ligurian;
  • linguistic annotation services for Ligurian texts and datasets in;
  • voice recordings in Genoese.

You may reach us by writing to the address Should one of our members be available, you will be contacted to discuss the modalities and timeframe of the project.