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in genovese

Tuesday, December 19, 2023
Sala Chierici, biblioteca Berio, Genoa

The Genoese language boasts a written tradition that stretches unbroken from the late Middle Ages to the present day. Even today it is still used not only as a literary idiom by a host of authors who identify with its “illustrious” usages, but it also finds space as a code of information and commentary on websites and printed periodicals, testifying to communicative functions that are still very much alive in today’s society.

Based on these considerations, the Conseggio pe-o patrimònio linguistico ligure (Council for Ligurian Linguistic Heritage) is organizing a conference to study and reflect on these issues. Amongst the participants will be researchers, publishers and other key players of the use of written Genoese in the literary and news spheres.

The event will take place on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at the Sala dei Chierici of the Berio Library in Genoa, from 2pm to 5.30pm. The citizenry is invited to attend and take active part in the discussion. The maximum room capacity is 99 people.

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14:00 Welcome
14:30 Una lingua per l’oggi: il genovese, la sua promozione e le nuove tecnologie
Jean Maillard
Genoese researcher working on artificial intelligence applied to linguistics, PhD University of Cambridge
14:45 Genovese e ligure: profilo linguistico e panorama letterario
Stefano Lusito
Researcher in linguistics and Ligurian literature
15:00 Da E restan forme a Zimme de braxa: pubblicare la letteratura ligure
Piero Cademartori
Poet and publisher for Zona
15:15 Il tempo nuovo della poesia in ligure: il Novecento e il Duemila
Alessandro Guasoni
Poet, narrator and essayist, he has published a dozen volums in and about Genoese
15:30 Non solo föe: la letteratura per l’infanzia d’espressione ligure
Anselmo Roveda
Writer, professor at ISIA in Urbino, author of Letteratura per l’infanzia in genovese (2022)
15:45 Fare giornalismo in genovese: radiotelevisione e web
Fabio Canessa
Genoese journalist and author, he’s worked for Primocanale, Telenord and Genova24
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Intermezzo muxicale with Paolo Besagno
Composer and author in Genoese, since 1993 he is the artistic director of «I Giovani Canterini di Sant’Olcese»
16:30 Fare giornalismo in genovese: la carta stampata
Andrea Acquarone
Journalist and author, editor of the Parlo Ciæo page of Il Secolo XIX
16:45 Nella parlata di Carrosio, varietà ligure d’Oltregiogo
Roberto Benso
Writer, honorary president of the Centro Studi di Novi Ligure, formerly director of the journal “In Novitate”
17:00 Una lingua a confronto con il mondo: esercizi di traduzione in genovese
Enrico Granara
Translator and author in Genoese, formerly career diplomat in Rome and abroad
17:15 A voxe a-o çentro
Bruna Pedemonte
Poetess and actress of Genoese theater, she collaborates with the Parlo Ciæo page of Il Secolo XIX

Moderator: Rosa Ronzitti, professor in Glottology and Linguistics at the University of Genoa